Dispenser For Herbal Teas

30-500 g

Our semi-automatic tea dispenser was developed for small-batch dosing of various teas and blends as it does not cause separation of the mix. You can dose different teas and blends, such as chamomile, willow, sage, nettle, and mallow root amongst others. The hopper is equipped with a stirrer, allowing a uniform flow of material. The hopper and feeder have a clip-on mechanism for effortless dismantling to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Technical Details

  • Accuracy: up to 2%  
  • Dosing range:  up to 500g
  • Scale readout: 0,1g   
  • Hopper capacity: 5 kg  
  • Storage of up to 100 different dosing formulations
  • User interface in English or other
  • Tea bag holder with adjustable height
  • Foot switch to trigger dosing
  • Effortless dismantling when cleaning is required: feeding unit and hopper with a clip-on mechanism 
  • Optional data export in csv format

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